You need to register with and have AUTHOR status. Authors are approved by EDITORS.

As an author you will have the ability to create database article entries, create folders for images associated with your entries, and upload images. Editors and Publishers can then review your article entry and publish it live on

Articles are entered into the database following a template, to aid in standardization of articles. Of course there are fields to enter any other text you would like as well. The template is continually being improved.

The aim of is to have a reliable and correct record of items and their history. Therefore referencing is integral in achieving this. If you state something in your entry, then a record of where this information came from must be entered into the Reference column, otherwise it will be assumed as unconfirmed information. There is a lot of second hand information out there on militaria; and that is OK, but it needs to be referenced as such. We all know that someone tells someone something, they in turn tell another, and so on, with distortion or exaggeration eventually occurring. Some reference categories are:

Photo of the uniform in use

Item - information directly from the item - eg date stamp.

Document - eg government report, book; reference as (Author/s, date) then put the entire reference at the end of the article or just put the entire reference in.

Website - add the link.

Secondary information - this is where you heard something, or someone said something.

Adding an entry
Once you have logged in, click on Create database entry in the top menu.
Your editor will now open.

  1. Click CamoUniforms Template below the editor window to load the template.
  2. Drag the bottom right of the editor window to enlarge to make it more comfortable to work in or hit the Toggle fullscreen mode button in the editor.
  3. Insert the title in the title field at the top above the editor window. The title should consist of the following:
    1. Year
    2. Designation
    3. Pattern
    4. Item eg: 1992 wz4643 Puma US jacket
  4. Fill in as many fields in the template as you can including references, and reference list if necessary.
  5. Insert images (see section below).
  6. Select the Category of your article in the Publishing options. If your category is not listed, select the Country of your entry or the Uncategorized option; a category can be created by an Editor and the article moved.
  7. Add metadata if you like (this will help search engines like Google find your article).
  8. Click Save at the top - this will submit your article for review.

Adding images

  1. The size upload limit for images is 500kB - please ensure your images are resized and cropped before you upload. Users can create folders to upload images to. It is important you create and name folders as described below to keep the image folders tidy.
  2. Place your cursor to where you want the image in your article.
  3. Click Insert/Edit Image button in the editor.
  4. Select the Region, and then the Country folder of your item.
  5. In the country folder, create a folder using the New folder button (top right of the File Browser window) with the SAME name as your article, but replacing the spaces with underscores (_) eg: 1992_wz4643_Puma_US_jacket.
  6. Select the folder you have just created
  7. Upload your images by clicking the Upload button (next to New folder button)
  8. Click Browse, select your files (multiple files can be selected).
  9. Click Upload.
  10. Select the image you want in the center pane, then click the Insert button.
  11. The image will be displayed full size in your article, but don't worry, when you save your article thumbnails with links to the images are automatically created.
  12. Repeat the process for other images in your document, but without having to upload if you uploaded all your required images in the first step.

Editing articles once submitted
Process TBA. You can edit unpublished articles by clicking on Article Manager in the top menu. Find your article and click the edit icon.
To edit a submitted article, click on Article Manager in the top pill menu, find your article, create a copy, edit as necessary, and submit it. Only Publishers can directly edit published articles.

You will be the author of your article on, as more information is found and added by other members, their names will be added to the author list.

Members can participate in discussion of the article entry and provide further information and images. These can then be inserted into an updated article by Editors.

More details coming soon...

If you are interested in becoming an Author, register and send a PM to one of the Editors.